6061 aluminum sheet plate supplied by Huawei aluminium


6061 aluminum sheet is the representative grade alloy in 6000 series aluminum sheet metal. The common temper we can see is 6061-t6 and 6061-t651. Compared with other series, 6061 always have the higher sales and demands.Also Huawei aluminum supply 6061 aluminum sheet plate with high quality and performance.

Why does 6061 aluminum plate sheet have more application and customers on the market? As a professional 6061 aluminum sheet supplier, we are going to find the answer for you.Usually, 6061 aluminum sheet alloy in the highest sales of aluminum alloy materials, because its performance is basically consistent with the various mechanical processing, equipment processing and other industrial uses, 6061 has been an aluminum alloy brand everybody knows. In the traditional use, 6061 aluminum has won the consensus of the manufacturers, so selecting 6061 as a raw material is a habit.

There is also relatively low production and processing cost of 6061, so the supply and usage of 6061 aluminum plate are relatively large. The average price of 6061 is 20-40 RMB per kilogram. Aluminum sheet 6061 T6 is the favor product welcomed by our customers in recent year.

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