Possible alternative alloys for 5083 aluminum alloy sheet


Possible alternative alloys for 5083 aluminum alloy sheet ,first of all we should know about the composition Specification and composition Specification ,ect of 5083 aluminium alloy sheet.5083 aluminium alloy sheet properties are specified for flat rolled product (plate, sheet and coil) in ASTM B209M or B928M. Similar but not necessarily identical properties are specified for other products such as tube and bar in their respective specifications.

Composition Specification (%) of 5083 aluminium alloy sheet:

AlloySiFeCuMnMgCrZnTiOthersEach Total50830.400.400.100.40-1.04.0-4.90.05-

Mechanical Property Specification of 5083 aluminium alloy sheet:

AlloySpecTensileYieldElongation&StrengthStrength(% in 50mm)Temper(MPa)0.2% Proof aminimum for sheet or plate thicknesses shown(MPa)All gauges (Note 2)5.0-6.31-12.5mm80.0mm 5083-OB209M270-345115-200165083-H32B209M305-385215 min 125083-H116 B928 M305 min(1)215 min(1)105083-H321B928M305-385(1)215 min(1)10 - 12

1. Properties for H116 and H321 reduced at thickness over 40mm … tensile strength 285MPa min and yield strength 200MPa min.

2. Elongations specified for H116 and H321 vary slightly depending on gauge. Measurement gauge length also varies. Refer to ASTM B928M for details.

3. Properties specified for tempers O and H32 also vary slightly depending on sheet or plate thickness. Specialist tempers F and H112 are also possible in 5083 – refer to ASTM B209M for details.

Physical Properties of 5083 aluminium alloy sheet:

Mean Coefficient thermal Electrical Conductivity Electricalof Thermal Conductivity MS/m at 20°CResistivityExpansionat 25°C(n .m)Equal VolumeEqual Mass20-100°C(W/m.K)( m/m/°C)23.8117175759

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