Performance of 5052 color coated aluminum sheet coil


Color coated aluminum sheet coil is a popular aluminum product which is widely used in various industries. The surface of the color coated aluminum is generally coated with polyester coating and fluorocarbon coating.

The 1000 series, 3000 series and 5000 series aluminum are widely used in color coated aluminum, in these grades, 3003 aluminum has good corrosion and rust resistance, but considered the strength together, 5052 color coated aluminum sheet coil has better performance.

1) the glossThe 60° gloss value of the coating shall be in accordance with the contract, with an allowable deviation of ±5 gloss units.

2) the color and color differenceThe color of the coating should be substantially the same as the standard swatch specified in the contract. When measured by an instrument, the color difference ΔEab* ≤ 1.5 between the monochromatic coating and the standard swatch, and the color difference ΔEab* ≤ 1.5 between the same batch of products.

3) the dry film hardnessThe coating was tested by pencil scratch and the hardness was ≥1H.

4) the adhesion of the color coated aluminum sheet coilThe dry, wet and boiling water adhesion of the coating should be level 0.

5) the impact resistanceThe front side of the coating shall not crack or fall off after the impact test, but fine wrinkles are allowed at the periphery of the depression.

6) the wear resistance of 5052 color coated aluminum sheet coilAfter the falling sand test, the wear coefficient should be ≥1.6 L/μm.

7) the resistant to hydrochloric acidAfter the coating was tested with hydrochloric acid, the surface of the coating should be visually inspected for no air bubbles and other significant changes.

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