Do you know 5005 h34 aluminum sheet?


Material Notes: Same nominal composition but higher Si and Fe impurity limits than Al-5657
Data points with the AA note have been provided by the Aluminum Association, Inc. and are NOT FOR DESIGN.
Composition Notes:
Composition information provided by the Aluminum Association and is not for design.
Key Words: UNS A95005; ISO AlMg1; Aluminium 5005-H34; AA5005-H34; Al5005-H34

5005 h34 aluminum sheet Available Properties:
Density, AA; Typical
Hardness, Brinell, AA; Typical; 500 g load; 10 mm ball
Tensile Strength, Ultimate, AA; Typical
Tensile Strength, Yield, AA; Typical
Elongation at Break, AA; Typical
Modulus of Elasticity, AA; Typical; Average of tension and compression. Compression modulus is about 2% greater than tensile modulus.
Poissons Ratio
Shear Modulus
Shear Strength, AA; Typical
Electrical Resistivity, AA; Typical
CTE, linear
CTE, linear
CTE, linear, AA; Typical; average over range
CTE, linear
CTE, linear
Specific Heat Capacity
Thermal Conductivity, AA; Typical at 77°F
Melting Point, AA; Typical range based on typical composition for wrought products 1/4 inch thickness or greater
Solidus, AA; Typical
Liquidus, AA; Typical
Annealing Temperature, holding at temperature not required
Hot-Working Temperature
Aluminum, Al, As remainder
Chromium, Cr
Copper, Cu
Iron, Fe
Magnesium, Mg
Manganese, Mn
Other, each
Other, total
Silicon, Si
Zinc, Zn

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