3105 h14 h18 h16 aluminum alloy sheet


3105 aluminum sheet alloy is AL-Mn series , good rust resistance, good electrical properties, the aluminum content of 98%, due to the addition of copper element 0.3% in which it conductivity can reach 41%; the 3105 aluminum sheet can enhance heat treatment, so the use of cold processing methods to improve its mechanical properties in annealing state the plastic is very high, in the semi-cold hardening plastic plastic is good, low cold hardening, good corrosion resistance, good weld-ability, poor machine-ability.

Specification of 3105 aluminum sheet
Typical application
0.2-5100-2800500-1600Wine bottle cap, beverage bottle cap, cosmetic cover, etc.

3105 h14 h18 h16 aluminum alloy sheet

Performance advantage of 3105 aluminum sheet

1. Good electrical conductivity, due to the addition of a copper element of 0.3%, the conductivity is up to 41%;

2. Good rust resistance, is a widely used as anti-rust aluminum

3. Good processing performance, the service life is long

4, strict control of product quality, texture, crystal structure, composition, product performance to the international advanced level

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