Knowledge of 1050 stucco embossed aluminum sheet


1050 aluminum is industrial aluminum with AI content of not less than 99.5%. The 1050 aluminum alloy has the characteristics of good electrical conductivity, good thermal conductivity and beautiful appearance.

Stucco embossed aluminum plate can also be called aluminum embossed sheet, it belongs to the aluminum plate products after rolling and forming a variety of patterns on the surface, it is widely used in packaging, construction, curtain wall and so on. When they combined together, we got the 1050 stucco embossed aluminum sheet.

1050 stucco embossed aluminum sheet is the typical grade in 1000 series aluminum, it has the same physical performance with 1050 pure aluminum plate sheet, 1050 aluminum embossed sheet has many types in the pattern on the surface, such as orange peel pattern, diamond pattern, wood grain, semi-circular ball pattern and so on.

1050 embossed aluminum sheet is mainly used in decoration, package and household appliances. The thickness of embossed sheet is a little thinner than ordinary aluminum sheet, so the product is packed in rolls. Thanks to the beautiful pattern, aluminum embossed sheet can have wide application, many clients purchase stucco sheet from Huawei aluminium Aluminum, is you have purchase demand, welcome to get the latest price from us.

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