7075 aluminum sheet plate in Huawei aluminium


7075 aluminum plate sheet is the typical product of 7075 aluminum alloy. 7075 aluminum belongs to and is the most widely used aluminum grade in the 7000 series aluminum alloys. In 7075 aluminum alloy, the main aluminum and zinc metal elements account for 90% and 5.6% respectively.

The others are magnesium accounts for 2.5%, copper accounts for 1.6%, chromium accounts for 0.23% and the final residue is silicon, manganese, titanium and so on. The price of aluminum plate 7075 is relatively high, because it has high level application, generally applied as aviation aluminum alloy materials.7075 aluminum alloy is a cold treatment forging alloy, it has high strength far better than mild steel.

7075 aluminum is one of the most powerful commercial alloys. 7075 aluminum alloy is compact in structure and strong in corrosion resistance. It is the best for aviation and ship plate. 7075 has good mechanical properties and anodic reaction. Fine grain makes deep drilling performance better and tool wear resistance enhanced.

The 7075 aluminum sheet plate of Huawei aluminium has the advantages of high strength heat treatable alloy, good mechanical properties, good usability, easy to process, good wear resistance, corrosion resistance and good oxidation resistance.

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